Ginetta Championships

Ginetta racing is one of the most popular national categories with full grids and competitive racing all shown on British television. HHC Motorsport has dominated the market for many seasons.

From Ginetta SuperCup, for the most experienced career drivers through to Ginetta Junior racing for 14 to 17-year-olds, HHC has been able to work with drivers and improve their abilities to win championships. HHC’s heritage speaks for itself:

2011 – Ginetta Junior Championship runner up
2012 – Ginetta Junior Champion
2013 – Ginetta Junior Champion & Rookie Champion
2014 – Ginetta SuperCup Champion; 2nd and 3rd in Ginetta Junior Championship
2015 – Ginetta Junior Champion; 2nd in Ginetta SuperCup
2016 – Ginetta Junior Champion
2017 – British GT4 Champion in Ginetta G55
2018 – GT4 European Series: 2nd in Ginetta G55

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Established in 2010, HHC Motorsport is one of the top teams in UK motor racing. It prepares, develops and rebuilds race and trackday cars for customers with the highest levels of performance, safety and quality guaranteed.