Gentlemen Drivers

HHC Motorsport has the knowledge, experience and skills to take drivers with no race experience and put them at the front of the grid.

Thanks to the ability of racer and HHC principal Charlie Kemp, we are able to offer guidance and share techniques that will improve your driving and racecraft. From simulator sessions to on-track coaching, we will analyse your driving and highlight areas that can be enhanced, helping you to progress to the front of the grid.

We use telemetry and on-board cameras to give you a complete picture of your driving. You’ll also benefit from Charlie’s experience as a Motorsport UK Grade S ARDs Instructor to help you achieve the results you desire.

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Established in 2010, HHC Motorsport is one of the top teams in UK motor racing. It prepares, develops and rebuilds race and trackday cars for customers with the highest levels of performance, safety and quality guaranteed.